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Las Vegas with Sir Trevor McDonald

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Hopi Indian Reservation, Arizona

The Wedge, CA

Several Production Videos IN PROGRESS-to be released after Production Finalization to Network Stations.  More Production Videos to Come...


Santa Barbara-Gaviota Coast

Catalina Island

Renaissance Sport Club-Aliso Viejo CA

City of Fountain Valley, CA  

Job Recruitment Video

City Job Recruitment for the City of Fountain Valley, CA which includes/features City Hall, Community and Senior Services, Public Works, FV Police Department, and FV Fire Department.  

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Killer Women-Episode 2

Film's Official Drone/Aerial Pilot-Manny Nunez

Woods Cove, Laguna Beach CA

Sports and Special Events 

Santa Barbara International Film Festival Entry


The End of Southern California

Killer Women-Episode 1

Pasea Resort & Spa

Huntington Beach, CA

Progressive Construction video.  This is the last progressive video made during the Grand Opening of the Pasea Resort & Spa.  This is one of many months of videos that show the progression of the build from the ground up.  We offer progressive build videos on a regular schedule according to the client's preference.  This is a great way to keep investors that are out of the state or country informed of the constant progress of their project.  Video can be tailored to your specific needs.  

Residence Inn, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Nature and Land Conservation


City/Government Special Event


Fountain Valley Summerfest 2016

PGF-Girls Fast Pitch Softball Tournament

Aired by ESPNU Live July 2016

Playing with Trains

"Killer Women"

Series Hosted by

​Piers Morgan

Sir Trevor McDonald

Special Series Hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald

Piers Morgan

Progressive Build of Irvine Spectrum Marriott, Irvine, CA specializes in regular filming and photographs of major resort and hotel locations.  Depending on the clients needs, we video and photograph the location on a regular basis, which the client uses to show investors the depth of the progress made on that particular property.  Please NOTE:  Video may be slow and precise --that is what the client is requesting.  Investors want to see exactly what they have an interest in-therefore, video may not be fast moving and quick to the normal viewer.  This is done strictly to show investors progress of Contruction and Development of the company.  They have found this method to be of the utmost interest and benefit to their clients. 

Huntington Beach High Surf

Note: We have NO affiliation with West Coast Aerial Photography.

Real Estate Videos

Fountain Valley Sports Park

This Video was made in honor of the amazing City Workers and as a gift for the City of Fountain Valley.-We have the honor of knowing and working with these amazing people. Not only is this a "Nice Place to Live," it's also a "Wonderful Place to Spend Quality Time with your Family."  (Aerial footage was contributed by Manny Nunez/West Coast AP and Lee Pratt/City of Fountain Valley.)          


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