We take aerial photography and videography using a remote control RC multirotor helicopter to a higher level.  We can get the small multi-rotor helicopter to go just about anywhere to get elevated photography that you can't get from the ground or airplane.  We have a wide range of cameras and lenses that we use to accomplish any job in real estate, development, construction, tower inspection, fashion editorials, movie projects, and so much more!  The possibilities are endless! 

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Aerial photography and videography is without a doubt, an "Art Form." WestCoastAP.com possesses an incredible insight to the artistic outlook, professionalism, and vision of your images and video that become a work of "Art."  We have state of the art editing capabilities, along with our aerial airships, to enhance your images if you choose to utilize our visionary services.  "Fun" and "Passion" in what we do by creating spectacular images and visual art is what sets us apart from other pilots and graphic artists in our business.  The sky is literally the limit!!

WestCoastAP.com can solve many of the problems that affect regular aerial photography - Cost, Altitude, and Perspective. Because of our variety of RC platforms from large to small, we can fly from almost anywhere and get in nearly impossible positions to get amazing photographs and video that really show off features that you can't see from the ground...ALL for a fraction of what traditional aerial photography and video would normally cost. Our RC aerial ships are packed with sophisticated electronics to help keep it stable and safe!  This allows us to focus on getting the exact perspectives and angles you need for that "Just right shot." We pride ourselves on safety and we have a 100% track record in safe flights.  We take the safety of everyone and all property very seriously!   

Do you have a need for aerial photography, but do not want to spend the money to rent a helicopter or airplane?  Do you need to inspect something that is high up in the sky?  Working on a movie/film project?  Want to show off an amazing cliff or beach house property from an angle only a life size helicopter can get?  We can do all of this for a price that will not make you think twice...and satisfaction is guaranteed!  

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​​We are FAA Part A 107 Certified Drone Pilots (SUAS)) and proud holders of the  FAA 333 exemption which allows our pilots of multi-rotor aircraft to legally fly for commercial purposes.  In addition to this honor, we carry a $1 million liability insurance policy.